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WIESLAB® Classical pathway assay – optimal for functional assessment. F. Andersson, F. Karlsson and Y. Sommarin Euro Diagnostica AB, Malmö, Sweden. Poster presented at EMCHD Meeting June 2015. Download

Assessment of complement activity by ELISA. R. Würzner, T.E. Mollnes, F. Tedesco et al. Presented at 16th Biennial Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies, ESID 2014, Oct 2014. Download


Validation of the Wieslab® Complement System Screen Assay and comparison with a haemolytic based method. Dr. R.M.J. Hoedemakers, Dept. of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology, Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Download

Automation and validation of Complement ELISA tests on the DS2 Dynex instrument classical pathway / alternative pathway / lectine pathway. Dr. Kristel Boonen, General Clinical Laboratory. Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, The Netherlands in collaboration with Euro Diagnostica, BV, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Download

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Product Information Letter
Topic: Interpretation of Complement activity. Download

Pharma CRO flyer on Svar Life Science Functional Complement ELISAs Complement System for functional assessment of the complement system – A hot topic in Drug Development and Clinical Research. Download

Clinical Flyer on Svar Life Science Functional Complement ELISAs
A Unique Diagnostic Solution for functional assessment of the complement system. Download

The Complement System By Prof. Tom Eirik Mollnes, MD, PhD. Download


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